Gloria Esther Full

The Full of Hope Foundation was inspired by the incredible life of Gloria Esther Full.  Her legacy continues to positively impact the community with the Full of Hope Foundation.

She worked as a Licenced Clinical Social Worker for the City of Phoenix Family Advocacy Center. She was a tireless child advocate.

As an instructor at ASU School of social work and a field liaison she trained many students in her excellent social work skills. She was a patient at Ironwood but also spend many years volunteering as a social worker to assist other cancer patients.

Gloria touched so many lives. She had a wonderful sense of humor – a way of challenging life in a most endearing ( and sometimes outrageous) way. She made us all feel important and worthy. She made us all feel connected. We could be honest in her presence.  She made us laugh in the most dire of circumstances. She seized each day as an opportunity to help others. She always had time for everyone. Social justice was very important to her and she used her moxy and intelligence to take issues to the highest levels of government. Each of us knew Gloria Full from a different perspective; a mother, a grandmother, a friend, an advocate, a counselor, a confidant, but we all knew her as a kind and loving soul and sister.

She has inspired us to appreciate life and see excitement in the smallest activity; to help us realize that love and time can heal; to be kind and loving to all people.