Frequently Asked Questions

I am a cancer patient in need of assistance, where do I go?

Please fill out the Application for Financial Assistance on our website.

How do I qualify for assistance through the Full of Hope Foundation?</h5

Applicants for financial assistance must:

  • Be in active cancer treatment at the time of application. (Cancer-related surgeries must be within 30 days of the date of application.)
  • Be full-time, permanent residents of Arizona.
  • Provide a residential address. (Not just a PO Box)
  • Submit a fully completed Oncology Office Certification Form
  • Be financially in need of assistance

What is the Oncology Office Certification Form?

This form tells the foundation that you are currently in active treatment at a local oncology facility. This form must be filled out by your doctor’s office in order for your application to be reviewed.

Will you accept doctor’s notes instead of the certification form?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept visit notes, physician’s order, doctor’s letters, or certification forms from other foundations. In order to review your application, we need to receive a signed & filled-out copy of our own Oncology Office Certification Form.

What should I tell my doctor’s office when I give them the form?

Please tell your RN, patient navigator, social worker, or other contact:

  • The cancer diagnosis needs to be written in layperson terms.
  • The cancer treatment type needs to be selected from the approved list. These are the only treatment types we are able to provide financial assistance for.
  • The cancer treatment time frame must be concrete and specific. If you are under lifelong treatment, please ask your doctor’s office to use the timeline of the specific medication, chemotherapy, or a date of review of treatment. We cannot accept a form that states “lifelong,” “indefinite,” “undetermined,” or any similar wording.
  • The certification form must be signed by your PA, NP, or MD. We cannot accept RN or social worker signatures. The name of the person who signs the form should match the oncologist listed on your application for financial assistance.
  • The certification form must be filled out and signed within 60 days of the date of application.
When will I hear back about my application?

All applications are reviewed at scheduled board meetings. These meetings are held quarterly. It may take up to 60 days to receive a notice of approval or denial regarding your application.

How often can I apply for financial assistance?

Applicants can receive a maximum award of $500 per calendar year. Applicants who are approved and apply again within the same calendar year are automatically denied.