Thank you to the Ak-Chin Fire Department

Thank you to the crew members of the Ak-Chin Fire Department for their generous donation to the Full of Hope Foundation in memory of Traci Plough.

In June, members of the Full of Hope Foundation board offered the opportunity to visit the Ak-Chin Fire Department to meet with one of the fire crews to thank them for their generosity and discuss the impact of their donation.

The Ak-Chin Fire Department is located within the Ak-Chin Indian Community, on the border of the city of Maricopa, approximately 35 minutes south of the Phoenix Metro.  The facility is beautiful: custom-designed with input from one of their fire captains, and decorated with handmade hammered copper art pieces made by a local artisan, and a hand-painted vintage wooden backboard. 

The fire crew on shift was incredibly warm and welcoming, graciously giving us a tour of the facility and talking with us about what it means to be a fire fighter.  In turn, we imparted to them how grateful the Full of Hope community is for their generous donation and what an impact it will make with the patients and families we serve in Arizona.

The Ak-Chin Fire Department made their donation in loving memory of Traci Plough who courageously fought against cancer for six years. You can read more about Traci here.

Thank you again to the Ak-Chin Fire Department for your generosity and hospitality. And thank you to Joe Plough for these kind words:

“The fact that you all care so much for all these people that are going through some of the toughest fights of their lives is so wonderful. I know firsthand, during cancer treatments, the struggle that the patients and families go through. It is hard to describe to someone that hasn’t been through it. It’s kind of like trying to explain what it’s like being inside a burning building to someone that has never done that before. They never really know what it’s like until they experience it. As far as cancer goes, I don’t wish that experience on anyone! The stress these patients and their families are under is tremendous! Facing life and death decisions, being terribly sick, and if they have to worry about finances…. Its too much! There are times when you feel so alone, that you are dealing with this burden all by yourself, and then, like an angel, someone comes in with some help, even a little bit of help, to know that someone else cares… really cares, that is a sense of relief that can not be described! The help that you all give from the foundation is way more than just monetary help, it’s a hand of support for people to know they are not alone! That is what keeps people fighting this terrible disease! It takes a village to help someone through their cancer journey, no matter what the outcome is! So from the bottom of my heart thank you all for everything you do and everyone you help!”